Ajooni (Star Bharat) Serial Cast, Upcoming Story Twist, Spoilers, Real Name

Ajooni : Hotstar Serial Cast, Story, Timings, Wiki, Cast Real Name, Starting Date, and More 

Introduction :

Ajooni is an Indian romantic drama serial . It is a Hindi language drama serial. It is presented on Star Plus and also digitally available on Disney and Hotstar. It was premiered on 26 July 2022.

Genre :

Drama and Romance

Written by :

Vandana Tiwari

Screenplay by :

  • Lalsa Verma
  • Sumeet Vishnoi

Story by :

  • Vishal Watwani
  • Renu Watwani

Directed by :

Yogesh Vijendra Bhatti

Starring :

  • Ayushi Khurana
  • Shoaib Ibrahim

Country of origin of Ajooni :

India is the country of origin of Ajooni.

Original language :

Hindi is the language of origin of this serial.

No. of seasons :

Ajooni has 1 season.

No. of episodes :

Ajooni has total 127 episodes.

Production :

Producers :

  • Hemant Ruparel
  • Ranjeet Thakur

Editors :

  • Dharmesh Patel
  • Shakti Mahanti

Running time :

 Ajooni has running time of 20 to 24 minutes.

Production company :

Frames Production Company Private Limited

Release :

Original network :

Star Bharat and Disney+ Hotstar

Picture format :

  • 576i
  • ( HDTV ) 1080i

Original release :

26 July 2022 – Present

Main cast members of Ajooni :

There are following main cast members of this serial 

  • Ayushi Khurana as Ajooni Rajveer Singh Bagga (nee Vohra),Neeru and Subhash’s daughter; Ravindra and Harman’s daughter-in law. Meher and Bharat’s sister; Harvendra and Dolly’s sister-in law; Mrs. Vohra’s granddaughter; Mrs. Bagga’s grand-daughter-in-law Rajveer’s wife; Avinash’s former-fiancee.
  • Shoaib Ibrahim as Rajveer Singh Bagga, Ravindra and Harman’s son, Neeru and Subhash’s son-in law. Harvendra and Dolly’s brother. Mrs. Bagga’s grandson. Ajooni’s husband. 

Recurring :

There are following recruiting cast members of this serial Apne Tv

  • Drisha Kalyani as Meher Vohra, Ajooni’s sister.
  • Pankaj Dheer as Ravindra Singh Bagga, Rajveer’s father, Harman’s husband. Ajooni’s father-in law. Mrs. Bagga’s son.
  • Shraddha Singh as Harman Ravindra Singh Bagga, Rajveer’s mother. Ravindra’s wife, Ajooni’s mother-in law. Mrs. Bagga’s daughter-in-law
  • Praveen Sirohi as Harvendra Singh Bagga
  • Simran Khanna as Amanpreet Harvendra Singh Bagga
  • Sonia Keswani as Dolly Singh Bagga
  • Veena Kapoor as Mrs. Bagga: Ravindra’s mother; Rajveer, Harvendra and Dolly’s grandmother
  • Jairoop Jeevan as Subhash Vohra
  • Charul Bhavsar as Neeru Subhash Vohra
  • Vedprakash Singh as Bharat Vohra
  • Seema Sharma as Mrs. Vohra: Subhash and Bindu’s mother; Ajooni, Meher and Bharat’s grandmother
  • Namrata Kapoor as Bindu Vohra
  • Kamal Malik as Kamal Vohra, Bindu’s husband
  • Simarjeet Singh Nagra as Inspector Manjeet Singh Cheema
  • Pallavi Sapra as Shikha: Harvendra’s would-be wife
  • Shourya Lathar
  • Gaurav Bajpai as Dr Avinash Khanna: Ajooni’s former fiancè
  • Abhishek Khanna
  • Pooja Kshatriya
  • Ajay Trehan as Mr. Narula.

Storyline of Ajooni :

The story revolve around a woman named Ajooni Vohra who go to any extreme for her rights. She lives in Punjab. Rajveer belongs to Bagga family who is famous for their power in Punjab. The father of Rajeev, Ravindra Singh Bagga is the head of Bagga family. They are very strict about their traditions and somewhat superstitious also. Vohra family although traditional but believe in progressive thinking and educating their daughters Ajooni and Meher. 

Rajveer Singh Bagga and Ajooni Vohra fall in love with each other although they know their family incompatibility. Ajooni is engaged to Avinash but she meets Rajveer accidentally in a market where Rajveer falls for her. Rajveer secretly loves her and try to marry her at any cost. He start stalker Ajooni and break her engagement with Avinash. As Ajooni has no option left except to marry Rajveer . 

After marriage, Ajooni faced many problems due to plotting created by her sister in law Dolly Bagga. Dolly Bagga doesn’t like her and she plots with Harman against Ajooni to destroy her life. They plot to return Avinash back in her life. While Ajooni feel unsatisfied with her Marr but she realized Rajveer’s unconditional love for her.

Conclusion :

Ajooni is a good family and romantic drama serial that reflects the obstacles of society in the education of women and how Ajooni struggle and fight for her rights. While it also shows Punjabi traditions and it also reflects unconditional love of Rajveer for Ajooni and how he helped him in gaining her rights and to fulfill her dreams.

Frequently Asked Questions about Ajooni :

Q : When was Ajooni premiered?

Ajooni was premiered on 26 July 2022 on Star Bharat.

Q : Who is the father of Rajveer Singh?

Ravindra Singh Bagga is the father of Rajveer Singh and head of Bagga family.

Q : What is the name of Ajooni’s fiancè ?

Ajooni is engaged to Avinash. 

Q : Who plots against Ajooni in Bagga family?

Dolly Bagga who is younger sister of Rajveer, plots against Ajooni as she doesn’t like her.

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