Pishachini (Colors TV) Serial Cast, Upcoming Story Twist, Spoilers, Real Name

Pishachini : Tv Serial Cast, Story, Timings, Wiki, Cast Real Name, Starting Date, and More 

Introduction :

Pishachini is an Indian supernatural fictional drama serial. It is a Hindi language drama serial that premiered on 8 August 2022 on Colors TV. It is also digitally available on Voot app.

Genre :

Supernatural Drama

Written by :

Mrinal Jha

Screenplay by :

  • Mrinal Jha
  • Surbhi Sharma

Story by :

Mrinal Jha

Starring :

  • Nyra Banerjee
  • Harsh Rajput
  • Jiya Shankar

Opening theme :

Raat Rani…. Pishachini

Tagline of Pishachini :

“ Khubsurti Ek Chalava hy Maut ka Bulawa hy ” is the tagline of Pishachini.

Show Timing :

Pishachini is telecasted from Monday to Friday at 10 pm on Colors TV.

Country of origin of Pishachini :

India is the country of origin of this serial.

Original language :

Hindi is the language of origin of this serial.

No. of seasons :

Pishachini has one season.

No. of episodes :

Pishachini has total 99 episodes.

Production :

Producers :

  • Mrinal Jha
  • Abhigyan Jha
  • Shyamashish Bhattacharya
  • Nilima Bajpai

Production location :


Camera setup :


Running time :

Pishachini has running time of 20 to 22 minutes.

Production companies :

  • Shakuntalam Telefilms
  • Mrinal and Abhigyan Jha Production

Distributor :

Viacom 18

Release :

Original network :

Colors TV

Audio format :

Dolby Digital

Original release :

8 August 2022 – Present

Main cast members of Pishachini :

There are following main cast members of this Apne Tv serial

  • Nyra Banerjee as Raat Rani / Rani Singh Rajput – A Pishachini, Rakshit’s former fiancée, Sanchit’s wife
  • Jiya Shankar as Pavithra “Piku” Bose Singh Rajput – Pandit Ji’s grand daughter, Kanika’s niece, Rakshit’s wife
  • Harsh Rajput as Rakshit “Rocky” Singh Rajput – Sudhakar and Sapna’s son, Shikha and Sanchit’s brother, Pavithra’s husband, Rani’s former fiancè

Recurring cast members of Pishachini :

There are following recruiting cast members of this serial 

  • Raymon Singh as Kanika Sharma/Nashak – Pandit Ji’s daughter, Pavithra’s aunt
  • Amit Mehra as Sanchit Singh Rajput – Shikha and Rakshit’s elder brother; Rani’s husband
  • Sushil Parashar as Ayodhya Singh Rajput – Sudhakar, Manohar and Prateek’s father; Sanchit, Shikha, Rakshit, Nikita and Vidya’s grandfather Rani’s puppet (Dead)
  • Sachin Parikh as Sudhakar Ayodhya Singh Rajput – Ayodhya’s son; Sapna’s husband; Shikha, Sanchit and Rakshit’s father
  • Anjali Gupta as Sapna Rajput – Sudhakar’s wife; Shikha, Sanchit and Rakshit’s mother
  • Sagar Rambhia as Manohar Rajput – Ayodhya’s son; Babbli’s husband; Vidya’s father
  • Jhumma Mitra as Babbli Rajput – Manohar’s wife; Vidya’s mother
  • Rutuja Sawant as Shikha Rajput – Sudhakar and Sapna’s daughter; Rakshit and Sanchit’s sister; Nikita and Vidya’s cousin; Rani’s puppet
  • Meghna Kukreja as Vidya Rajput – Manohar and Babbli’s daughter; Shikha, Sanchit, Nikita and Rakshit’s cousin
  • Priyank Tatariya as Prateek Rajput – Ayodhya’s son; Amrita’s husband; Nikita’s father; Rani’s puppet (Dead)
  • Shweta Dadhich as Amrita Rajput – Prateek’s wife; Nikita’s mother; Rani’s puppet (Dead)
  • Saumya Saraswat as Nikita Rajput – Prateek and Amrita’s daughter; Sanchit, Shikha, Rakshit and Vidya’s cousin
  • Raghav Binani as Mandy – A humanified Frog; Rani’s puppet and helper
  • Amit Behl as Pandit Ji – Rajput family’s helper; Pavithra’s grandfather (Dead)
  • Garima Dixit as Himani – Sanchit’s fiancée; Rani’s puppet (Dead)
  • Farukh Khan – Himani and Vikas’s father; Rani’s puppet and fake father (Dead)
  • Reshma Merchant as Suddha – Himani and Vikas’s mother; Rani’s puppet and fake mother (Dead).

Production :

Nyra Banerjee casted for title role while Jiya Shankar is finalized for female protagonist role in June 2022. In June 2022, the shooting of serial began. While on 19 June 2022, first teaser of Pishachini released featuring Nyra Banerjee as Pishachini role.

Storyline of Pishachini :

The story revolve around a beautiful girl Rani who is actually a Pishachini. She target Rajput family to take revenge in spit of a misunderstanding and try to get her land. In Bareilly town, Pishachini set free and create devastation in the village. 

Pishachini captivated everyone in the village with her devilish powers . Pavitra breaks her from the influence of Pishachini and she became free. Pavitra sees the real colors of Rani. 


Conclusion :

Pishachini is a good thrilling, horror and supernatural drama serial which shows the strength of evil powers. It also demonstrate the belief of Pavitra and upcoming episodes will reveal how she will cope up with the devilish powers of Pishachini.

Frequently Asked Questions about Pishachini :

Q : Who is Pishachini?

Rani a beautiful girl which is actually a Pishachini has devilish powers.

Q : When was Pishachini premiered?

Pishachini was premiered on 8 August 2022 on Colors TV.

Q : What is the tagline of Pishachini?

“ Khubsurti Ek Chalava hy Maut ka Bulawa hy ” is the tagline of Pishachini.

Q : Who plays the role of Pishachini?

Nyra Banerjee plays the role of Pishachini in this serial.

Q : Who produced this serial Pishachini?

There are following producers of Pishachini 

  • Mrinal Jha
  • Abhigyan Jha
  • Shyamashish Bhattacharya
  • Nilima Bajpai

Q : Which production company produces this serial Pishachini?

There are following companies who are involved in the production of Pishachini

  • Shakuntalam Telefilms
  • Mrinal and Abhigyan Jha Production

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