Woh to Hai Albelaa (Star Bharat) Serial Cast, Upcoming Story Twist, Spoilers, Real Name

Woh to Hai Albelaa: Hotstar Serial Cast, Story, Timings, Wiki, Cast Real Name, Starting Date, and More 

Woh to Hai Albelaa is an Indian romantic drama serial. It is a Hindi language drama serial that is presented on Star Bharat. It was premiered on 14 March 2022. It is also digitally available on Disney and Hotstar .

Genre :

Drama Romance

Created by :

Rajan Shahi

Based on :

Eeramana Rojave

Starring :

  • Shaheer Sheikh
  • Hiba Nawab

Music by :

  • Nakash Aziz
  • Sargam Jassu

Opening theme :

Who To Hai Albelaa

Country of origin of Who to Hai Albelaa :

India is the country of origin of this serial.

Original language :

Hindi is the language of origin of Woh to Hai Albelaa.

No. of seasons :

Woh to Hai Albelaa has 1 season.

No. of episodes :

Woh to Hai Albelaa has total 225 episodes.

Production :

Producer :

Rajan Shahi

Running time :

Woh to Hai Albelaa has running time of 20 to 24 minutes.

Production company : 

It is produced by the company of Director’s Kut Productions.

Distributor :

Star India

Original network :

Star Bharat

Picture format :

  • 576i
  • ( HDTV ) 1080i

Original release :

14 March 2022 – Present

Chronology :

Related Eeramana Rojave.

Main cast members of Woh to Hai Albelaa

There are following main cast members of this serial

  • Shaheer Sheikh as Krishna “Kanha” Choudhary – Saroj and Dhanraj’s second son; Chiranjeev and Nakul’s brother; Kusum’s half-brother; Anjali’s ex-boyfriend; Sayuri’s husband.
  • Hiba Nawab as Sayuri “Sayu” Sharma Choudhary – Indrani and Balwant’s eldest daughter; Rashmi and Priya’s sister; Chiranjeev’s ex-fiancée; Krishna’s wife .

Recurring :

There are following recruiting cast members of this Apne Tv serial 

  • Kinshuk Vaidya as Nakul Choudhary – Saroj and Dhanraj’s youngest son; Chiranjeev and Krishna’s brother; Kusum’s half-brother; Rashmi’s husband.
  • Rachi Sharma as Rashmi “Rashu” Sharma Choudhary – Indrani and Balwant’s second daughter; Sayuri and Priya’s sister; Nakul’s wife .
  • Dharti Bhatt replaced Sharma as Rashmi .
  • Sucheta Khanna as Indrani Sharma – Balwant’s wife; Sayuri, Rashmi and Priya’s mother .
  • Pallavi Pradhan as Saroj Choudhary – Dhanraj’s second wife; Chiranjeev, Krishna and Nakul’s mother; Kusum’s step-mother .
  • Suruchi Adarkar as Kusum Choudhary – Sakshi and Dhanraj’s daughter; Saroj’s step-daughter; Chiranjeev, Krishna and Nakul’s half-sister; Rishi’s ex-wife; Yash’s wife .
  • Khushwant Walia as Yash Jindal – Sayuri’s best friend; Krishna’s business partner; Kusum’s second husband .
  • Karan Veer Mehra as Vikrant .
  • Mehul Buch as Dhanraj Choudhary – Tejendra’s son; Sakshi’s widower; Saroj’s husband; Kusum, Chiranjeev, Krishna and Nakul’s father .
  • Nayan Bhatt as Bhanumati Sharma – Balwant’s mother; Sayuri, Rashmi and Priya’s grandmother .
  • Somesh Agarwal as Tejendra Choudhary – Dhanraj’s father; Kusum, Chiranjeev, Krishna and Nakul’s grandfather .
  • Vaishnavi Ganatra as Priya “Pia” Sharma – Indrani and Balwant’s youngest daughter; Sayuri and Rashmi’s sister .
  • Anuj Sachdeva as Chiranjeev “Chiru” Choudhary – Saroj and Dhanraj’s eldest son; Krishna and Nakul’s brother; Kusum’s half-brother; Sayuri’s ex-fiancé.
  • Sachin Tyagi as Balwant Sharma – Bhanumati’s son; Indrani’s husband; Sayuri, Rashmi and Priya’s father .
  • Aparna Dixit as Anjali Malhotra – Roma and Amitabh’s daughter; Krishna’s ex-girlfriend turned obsessive lover .
  • Manish Chawla as Rishi – Kusum’s first husband .
  • Arup Pal as Amitabh Malhotra – Roma’s husband; Anjali’s father .
  • Sanjana Phadke as Roma Malhotra – Amitabh’s wife; Anjali’s mother .

Storyline of Woh to Hai Albelaa :

The story revolve around Balwant Sharma and Dhanraj Choudhary who are neighbors and best friends also. Their wives Indrani and Saroj are also friends. But they get separated and become enemies due to fight between their children Kanha and Sayuri. Kanha and Sayuri hate each other. Saroj think that Balwant use Dhanraj for his business but Balwant denies that. She asked to give them half of their business . This was not possible, due to misunderstandings between Indrani and Saroj, Indrani slaps her and kick them out. Due to deteriorating health conditions, Balwant dies.

After 18 years, Sayuri still hates Kanha and she consider him for all the hate between two families. Indrani still not accepting Saroj and her family and hates them to large extent. Sayuri is a professor and she loves Chaudhry’s elder son Chiru . They want to get married. They convince their family members and wedding preparations begin. But Chiru dies in a car accident on the day of his wedding. Kanha give him promise that he will take care of Sayuri. To fulfill his promise he married to Sayuri. But Saroj and Kanha does not accept her as a daughter of law.

After a lot of drama, Kanha and Sayuri become friends and start admiring each other. After sometime they realized their love for each other and live a happy married life. Saroj still not accepts her as her daughter in law. Sayuri reveals that she is pregnant. Whole family was happy and Saroj finally accepts her as her daughter in law. While Nakul and Sayuri’s younger sister Rashmi realized their love and convince their family. Saroj agree for their relationship and they get engaged. While Rashmi get jealous of her sister as she is getting more attention. 

A marriage proposal arrive for Kusum who is step daughter of Saroj. Saroj accepts this proposal as Kusum was getting old and old. But Rishi tortured her and threatened her that if she tells the truth he will kill Kanha and his wife. They get married and then Rishi’s truth revealed and he sent to jail. Rishi run out of jail and kidnap Kusum. Sayuri take responsibility to free Kusum.

Sayuri and Kusum hit Rishi but he hits Sayuri and she fell down. Kanha and his brother arrived at the spot. They took her to hospital where she had a miscarriage and doctors said that she will not be able to become a mother again. While Rashmi and Nakul and Kusum and Yash get married. Rashmi on her first day of marriage revealed that Sayuri is not able to become a mother but it doesn’t affect Kanha as he loves her. Rashmi tried to kill Sayuri because of her insecurities. While going to a temple and climbing stairs, Rashmi find Sayuri alone and pushes her from the cliff to kill her.

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