Aashiqana (Star Bharat) Serial Cast, Upcoming Story Twist, Spoilers, Real Name

Aashiqana: Hotstar Serial Cast, Story, Timings, Wiki, Cast Real Name, Starting Date, and More 

Introduction :

Aashiqana – Murder Ke Mausam Mein Pyar is an Indian crime, romantic and thrilling web series. It was premiered on 6 June 2022. It is a Hindi language series with English subtitles. 

Title :

Aashiqana-Murder Ke Mausam Me Pyar

Content-Type :

Web Series

Release Date :

06 June 2022

Language of origin of Aashiqana :

Hindi is the language of origin of this serial Aashiqana .

Genre :

Thriller, Romance

Season 1 Director :

Atif Khan

Creator :

Gul Khan

Dialogue  :

  • Divy Nidhi Sharma
  • Aparajita Sharma

Editor  :

Shashank H Singh

DoP :

Nitin Valanday

Casting :

Actor Pages

Music :

Nishant Raja

Choreographer :

Rahul Mallah

Production House :

Gen K Studio

Producer :

Gul Khan

Story & Screenplay :

  • Gul Khan
  • Sudhir Kumar Singh

Streaming On

Disney and Hotstar.

Number of seasons :

Aashiqana has 2 seasons.

Main Star Cast :

  • Zain Ibad Khan
  • Khushi Dubey

Running time :

Aashiqana has running time of 20 to 25 minutes per episode.

Shooting locations :

  • Madh Island
  • Arya Bungalow

Country of origin of Aashiqana :

India is the country of origin of this serial.

Cast members of Aashiqana :

  • Zayn Ibad Khan as Yashvardhan Chouhan
  • Khushi Dubey as Chikki Sharma
  • Pankaj B Singh
  • Geeta Tyagi
  • Harshita Shukla as Chikki’s Mother
  • Manohar Teli as Chikki’s Father
  • Anshul Singh
  • Niyati Fatnani as Bride
  • Sandeep Chatterjee as  Jaggi Raja.


Storyline of Aashiqana :

The story revolve around a girl Chikki Sharma who is a police officer and a criminal Yashvardhan Chauhan. Chikki Sharma is aspire to her police officer father and want to be a police officer like him but she fails in entrance exams. Yashvardhan Chauhan is haunted by the death of close family members. The fate brings both of them together occasionally when they cross paths.

Aashiqana season 2 :

Aashiqana season 2 is also produced by Gul Khan . It was premiered on 10 October 2022. In this season Karanvir Bohra appeared as a sign of hope. This season’s story of around married life of Yashvardhan and Chikki and a new case who wants to kill Chikki. This season also focus on how a man made virus effect the whole city and how Chikki and Yashvardhan will cope up with this new problem. 

Review :

The story revolve around two wounded hearts that brought together in the backlash of a murder by fate. The theme line of show is “ Aashiqana – Andaz Badlega Jab Murder Ke Mausam Mein Pyar Barsega “ . 

The second season begins with the injury of Yashvardhan Chauhan who has been admitted to hospital. While Chikki come to hospital on a regular basis to check her him but she didn’t see him because of tiff between them since the last season. Chikki is kidnapped by an unknown Being after some sequences. A nurse came into Yashvardhan room and give him a call. While Karanvir Bohra enters as a new entry in the series and tell Yashvardhan about his wife. The nurse kills herself by a knife on which written a name “ Karma “ . 

This reminds him something that happened earlier to them in the first season. They start tracking Chikki. With the help of tracker they reached the spot and after some fight and actions, finally he succeed in saving his wife. The villain was still alive even after hitting by three bullets. The plot and performance of second season is much better than first one. Upcoming episodes will be more thrilling.

Conclusion :

Aashiqana is a good thrilling and romantic web series Apne Tv.  It reflects how two contrasting personalities meet and fell in love with each other. It reflects the passion of a police officer girl .

Frequently Asked Questions about Aashiqana :

Q : What is the theme line of Aashiqana?

Aashiqana – Andaz Badlega Jab Murder Ke Mausam Mein Pyar Barsega is the theme line of Aashiqana.


Q : There are how many seasons of Aashiqana?

Aashiqana has two seasons.

Q : Aashiqana is presented on which medium?

Aashiqana is a web series presented on Disney plus Hotstar.

Q : Who plays the lead role in Aashiqana?

Khushi Dubey and Zayn Ibad Khan played the female and male lead role in the series respectively.

Q : When was Aashiqana first season premiered?

Aashiqana first season premiered on 6 June 2022 on Disney plus Hotstar.

Q : When was Aashiqana season 2 premiered?

Aashiqana season 2 was premiered on 10 October 2022 on Disney plus Hotstar .

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