Apnapan Serial Cast, Upcoming Story Twist, Spoilers, Real Name


Apnapan is an Indian drama serial. It is produced by Ekta Kapoor and Shobha Kapoor. It was premiered on 15 June 2022 on Sony Entertainment Television. It stars Rajshree Thakur and Cezanne Khan. It telecast from Monday to Friday at 10:30pm on Sony TV channel.

    Name  Apnapan



Indian soap opera

   Directed by  

Jitu Arora , Shivendra Mishra

   Produced by Ekta Kapoor , Shobha Kapoor
   Written by Jaya Misra , Anjali Bahura
Theme music composer Lalit Sen , Nawab Arzoo
 Country of origin  India 
 Language  Hindi
Screenplay Tapasya Udayawar
Original Network  Sony Entertainment Television
Creative Director Tanushri Dasgupta , Palki Malhotra
Editors Vikas Sharma , Vishal Sharma , Manas majumder
 Camera setup  Multi-camera
 Production House Balaji Telefilms
Starring Cezanne Khan , Rajshree Thakur


Apnapan Drama Serial Main Cast Real Names

Here is the main cast of  drama serial Apnapan

  • Rajshree Thakur as Pallavi Gulati
  • Cezanne Khan as Nikhil Jaisingh
  • Gautam Ahuja as Gagan Jaisingh
  • Mehak Ghai as Manna Jaisingh
  • Shraddha Tripathi as barkha jaisingh
  • Anmol Kajani as Badal Jaisingh
  • Leena Jumani as Sonali
  • Jay Zaveri as Shanky
  • Keshav Mehta as Harsh Jaisingh
  • Suvansh Dhar as Ishan Agrawal
  • Anju Mahendru as Teji Gulati
  • Mishthi Tayagi as Lolita
  • Lagan Dhall as Avira
  • Jatin Shah as Ranveer

Main Characters

  • Cezanne Khan as Nikhil Jaisingh – Pallavi’s ex-husband, Sonali’s husband
  • Rajshree Thakur as Pallavi Gulati – Nikhil’s ex-wife
  • Leena Jumani as Sonali – Pallavi’s cousin, Teji’s niece
  • Anju Mahendru as Teji Gulati – Pallavi’s mother, Nikhil’s mother-in-law
  • Shraddha Tripathi as Barkha Gulati – Pallavi and Nikhil’s younger daughter
  • Aira Keyul Patel as Child Barkha Gulati
  • Gautam Ahuja as Gagan Gulati – Pallavi and Nikhil’s second son
  • Anmol Kajani as Badal Gulati – Pallavi and Nikhil’s youngest son
  • Mehak Ghai as Manna Jaisingh – Pallavi and Nikhil’s elder daughter
  • Aarna Khandelwal as Child Manna Jaisingh
  • Keshav Mehta as Harsh Jaisingh – Pallavi and Nikhil’s eldest son
  • Hassaan as Child Harsh Jaisingh
  • Rinku Dhawan as Nandita Jaisingh -Nikhil’s sister, Pallavi’s sister-in-law
  • Baby fareeda  as Kinnu Jaisingh – Nikhil’s mother, Pallavi’s mother-in-law 
  • Jatin Shah as Ranveer – Pallavi’s friend
  • Suvansh Dhar aa  Ishaan Agarwal – Barkha’s ex-fiancé
  • Mrinalini Tyagi as Lalita – Pallavi’s friend
  • Jay Zaveri as Shanky – Nikhil’s friend
  • Mridula Oberoi as Nimmi Agarwal – Ishaan’s aunt
  • Madhubala Atri as Bitti – Gagan’s friend

Apnapan Drama Serial Story

The story revolves around the married couple who got separated due to marital conflicts. The couple have 5 children. After their separation, the siblings got divided. Three children are raised by mother while two children are raised by mother. The kids who are  staying with their mother, missing the love and affection of their father. The kids who are staying with  father miss their mother’s care because of their father can give them proper attention due to his other responsibilities

Nikhil and Pallavi has tried their best to raise thwir children well but they fail to managed and overcome the lack of the other parent in the kids’ life.

After 15 years, both the families decided to meet. On their meetup after years, they clear their misunderstanding with love and patience and accepted each other. The decided to stay together. The family is finally united and Pallavi and Nikhil decide to get marry again as their kids wanted to see their parents together.

In the meantime, Pallavi’s cousin Sonali arrived . Sonali started to show interest in Nikhil. Hence, the happiness of getting together again, which the children and pallavi felt, started to fade away again. Sonali became  cause of Nikhil and Pallavi’s sepration. She manipulated Nikhil and married him.

Apnapan Drama Serial Latest News

 Nikhil is discussing with Shanky that he doesnot know what truth Pallavi is hiding but feels it will ruin his entire family. On the other side, Badal comes to Sonali and said that he wants to talk with her. Pallavi questions Sonali why is she so worried now as what happened in the past is now gone, she don’t have to worry about it. But  Karonika reveals that  her brother Mayank was in jail for seventeen years because of Sonali. Now, Mayank is back and reaches to Sonali’s house to confront her. He came face to face and introduced himself as Sonali’s husband

Apnapan Drama Serial Upcoming twist

In  the upcoming episodes, Sonali’s secret will get reveal in front of everyone. Keep watching the drama to see how Nikhil will react when he will know about Sonali’s real face.

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