Bahut Pyar Karte Hain (Star Bharat) Serial Cast, Upcoming Story Twist, Spoilers, Real Name

Bahut Pyar Karte Hain: Hotstar Serial Cast, Story, Timings, Wiki, Cast Real Name, Starting Date, and More 

Introduction : 

Boht Pyaar karty Hain is an Indian drama serial. It is Hindi language romantic Drama serial. It is telecasted on Star Bharat. It is digitally available on Disney plus Hotstar.

Genre :

Drama Romance

Created by :

Sandiip Sikcand

Starring :

  • Karan Grover
  • Sayali Salunkhe

Opening theme :

“Bahut Pyar Karte Hain” by Anuradha Paudwal

Country of origin :

India is the country of Origin of Drama serial Boht Pyar karty hain.

Original language :

Hindi is the original language of drama serial boht Pyar karty Hain.

Total No. Of seasons :

Boht Pyar Karty Hain has 1 season.

Total No. Of episodes :

There are 133 episodes of boht Pyar Karty Hain.


Producers :

  • Fazila Allana
  • Sandiip Sikcand

Running time :

20 – 24 minutes

Production companies :

  • Sol Production
  • Sandiip Films

Distributor :

Star India


Original network :


Star Bharat

OTT platform :

Disney + Hotstar

Picture format :

  • 576i
  • ( HDTV ) 1080i

Audio format :

Dolby Digital

Original release : 

5 July – 10 December 2022

Cast of boht Pyar Karty Hain :

Main cast : 

  • Karan Grover as Ritesh Malhotra: Pankaj, Kamna, Deep and Dolly’s nephew; Sameer and Vivaan’s cousin; Indu’s husband; Zoon’s adoptive father
  • Sayali Salunkhe as Indu Raina Malhotra: Rajendra and Sunita’s daughter; Prashant and Anjali’s sister; Ritesh’s wife; Zoon’s adoptive mother
  • Kiara Sadh as Zoon Raina Malhotra: Kadambari’s biological daughter; Indu and Ritesh’s adoptive daughter

Recurring cast : 

  • Shireen Mirza as Kamna Pankaj Malhotra: Pankaj’s second wife; Sameer and Vivan’s maternal aunt/stepmother; Ritesh’s aunt
  • Sanjay Swaraj as Pankaj Malhotra: Deep’s elder brother; Kamna’s husband; Sameer and Vivaan’s father; Ritesh’s uncle
  • Kushagre Dua as Sameer Malhotra: Pankaj’s son; Kamna’s biological nephew/stepson; Vivaan’s elder brother; Ritesh’s cousin; Kadambari’s husband
  • Aryan Arora as Vivan Malhotra: Pankaj’s son; Kamna’s biological nephew/stepson; Sameer’s younger brother; Ritesh’s cousin; Anjali’s lover
  • Amit Singh Thakur as Rajendra Raina: Sunita’s husband; Prashant, Indu and Anjali’s father; Zoon’s adoptive grandfather; Asha and Ritesh’s father-in-law
  • Nikita Tiwari as Asha Bakshi Raina: Nima and Vinod’s daughter; Kadambari’s step-sister; Prashant’s widow; Zoon’s adoptive aunt; Vivek’s love interest
  • Trishaan Maini as Vivek: Indu’s best friend; Asha’s lover
  • Riya Soni as Anjali “Anju” Raina: Sunita and Rajendra’s daughter; Prashant and Indu’s sister; Zoon’s adoptive aunt; Rahul and Vivaan’s love interest
  • Neelam Pathania as Sunita Raina: Rajendra’s wife; Prashant, Indu and Anjali’s mother; Zoon’s adoptive grandmother; Asha and Ritesh’s mother-in-law
  • Pankit Thakker as Deep Malhotra: Pankaj’s younger brother; Dolly’s husband; Ritesh, Sameer and Vivaan’s uncle
  • Priyamvada Singh as Dolly Deep Malhotra: Deep’s wife; Ritesh, Sameer and Vivaan’s aunt
  • Ali Khan as Rahul: Ritesh’s friend and manager; Anjali’s lover
  • Aparna Aparajit as Mrs. Malhotra: Ritesh’s mother; Indu’s mother-in-law; Zoon’s adoptive grandmother
  • Prerna Wanvari as Kadambari Patel Malhotra: Vinod’s daughter; Asha’s step-sister; Zoon’s biological mother; Sameer’s wife
  • Ribbhu Mehra as Mahesh: Indu’s former love interest
  • Keertida Mistry

Main plot of boht Pyar Karty Hain : 

The Story of drama serial is about a girl Indu . Indu lives with her parents and younger sister . Indu is in Love with Mahesh . She wants too meet and propose him to marry her. Indu goes with her dad to meet Mahesh. Indu finds that Mahesh is already married. Mahesh gets angry and insults Indu. He beats her dad. She breaks up with Mahesh. Indu on the way to home , in bus she meets a pregnant woman. She asks her to come with her. In bus woman gives birth to baby. She asks Indu to hold her for some Time. Indu wakes up and comes to know that woman has left her baby and ran away. Indu was already depressed due to her break up. She decides to leave The baby at station but could not do so. She takes her with her. Indu’s mother is against her decision but she wants to keep the baby as the baby is new hope for her. She names the baby zoon. 

Five years later : 

Zoon is 5 years old. She can not walk with out a leg brace. This is because she met an accident. Zoon wants a father. Zoon askes Indu to get her a father. Indu lies her as she do not want her to know that she is adopted and Indu is not her mother.  A Superstar Ritesh Malhotra comes. Zoon likes Ritesh Malhotra. She wants to meet him . Ritesh Malhotra saves zoon on the release of his new film. He comes to theater. Zoon falls from second floor of theater and Ritesh Malhotra saves her. 

Production  :

Development : 

The show is based on a song of the sane from a film saajan of 1991.  The series marks second collaboration with Karan Grover and Pankit Thakker after bahu Hamari and rajni Kant .

Casting : 

Sayali salunke is the female lead cast as Indu.  Karan Grover is the Male lead cast. 

Filming and release : 

The shooting of boht Pyar Karty Hain began in June 2022. The first promo of drama serial was released in The same month. It premiered on Star Bharat from 5 July 2022.

Awards and nominations : 

In year 2022 in Indian television academy awards, there were following nominations of boht Pyar Karty Hain ; 

  • For Popular actor ( drama ) , Karan Grover was nominated .
  • For popular actress ( drama ) , sayali salunke was nominated .
  • For popular serial ( drama ) , boht Pyar karty Hain was nominated . 

Conclusion : 

Boht Pyar Karty Hain is a good drama. It is an entertaining Indian drama serial Apne Tv. It is about a single mother who has an adopted child after her break up.

Frequently asked questions about boht Pyar karty Hain : 

Question no 1 : 

Who was Mahesh ?

Answer : 

Mahesh was the guy whom Indu loved. But he cheated her. 

Question no 2 : 

Who was zoon ? 

Answer : 

Zoon was the girl whom Indu raised as her mother left her after her birth. Indu took her with her. Indu grown up zoon as her mother. Zoon was the only hope for Indu after her break up. 

Question no 3 : 

Who saved soon when she was falling from second floor of theater ?

Answer : 

Ritesh Malhotra, a superstar , who was in theater for release of his new film, saved zoon.

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