Swaran Ghar (Colors TV) Serial Cast, Upcoming Story Twist, Spoilers, Real Name

Swaran Ghar: Voot Tv Serial Cast, Story, Timings, Wiki, Cast Real Name, Starting Date, and More 

Introduction :

Swaran Ghar is an Indian drama serial. It is Hindi language drama serial. It is telecasted on colors TV. It is also available on voot app. So we can watch missed episodes on voot app anytime whenever we want to watch.  The first promo was launched on 19 January  2022 .


 Genre :


Starring :

  • Sangita Ghosh
  • Ronit Roy

Concept :

Sargun Mehta 

Director  :

  • Iqbal Rizvi
  • Uttam Ahlawat

Producers : 

  • Sargun Mehta
  • Ravi Dubey 

Story by :

  • Ritu Goyal
  • Rachel naware

Screenplay by :

  • Nikita dhond
  • Janki Vishwanathan

Dialogues by :

  • Rajesh Chawla

Editors :

  • Dharmesh Patel
  • Kamal bhattari

DoP :

Raju gauli

Art director :

  • Kazi rafiq Ali
  • Leena bhandula

Costume designer :

  • Anirban haldar
  • Chetna seth

Background music :

  • Ripul Sharma
  • George Joseph

Production House :

Dreamiyata productions 

Channel name : 

Colors TV

Show timings :

Monday to Friday at 8 : 30 pm

OTT platform :

Voot app 

Running Time : 

20 – 22 minutes

Starting date : 

28 February 2022 

End date :

25 November 2022

Original Language : 

Hindi is the original language of Swaran Ghar .

Country of Origin of Swaran Ghar :

India is the country of origin Swaran Ghar drama serial.

Cast of Swaran Ghar : 

  • Sangeeta Ghosh as Swaran Bedi 
  • Ronit Roy as kanwaljeet Bedi
  • Ajay Singh Choudhary as Ajit lamba 
  • Sandeep Sharma as Nakul Bedi ( Swaran and Kanwal’s son )
  • Rohit Choudhary as Vikram Bedi ( Swaran and Kanwal’s son )
  • Shashwat Tripathi as yug Bedi ( Swaran and Kanwal’s son )
  • Bhaweeka Chaudhary as Kiran ( Nakul’s wife )
  • Sharman Jain 
  • Preet Rajput 

Main plot of Swaran Ghar : 

The Story of drama serial Swaran Ghar is about kanwaljeet Bedi and Swaran Bedi and their children. The couple give their children best life and they in turn they do not get the same from their children. Parents do a lot for their children but children do not do same for them. 

Swarna Ghar Story is about a house. It is not just a house for people living inside it. They consider it a temple of love. Swaran and kanwaljeet thought that they have everything , their 3 sons . They give their sons everything but in return their sons do not do same for them.

It Is not only about a Middle class family but also about a woman . Swarna wants to Make her own Identity after sudden death of her husband and alone fights with her children. Their children are not with her , this breaks her but she gathers courage and try to take control of her life.

The Main focus of drama serial is on a village girl journey. She gets married in her early age. Her husband taught many things to her. She then settles in city life which is difficult for her. The drama is emotional. It is about love, sacrifice. Swarna fights with her own children to show them a good path.

Conclusion :

Swaran Ghar is a good family drama. It is an entertaining drama serial. It shows the courage of a woman who faces a lot of difficulties and fight with her own children. Her loving husband dies and children are against her so she fight with them too make her own Identity and show them a good path. This also shows how a Young girl from a village adjusts in city despite facing a lot of difficulties.

Frequently asked questions about Swaran Ghar :

Following are the questions that are frequently asked about this drama serial Apne Tv ;

Question no 1 : 

Who was the husband of Swarna ?

Answer : 

Kanwaljeet was the husband of Swarna.

Question no 2 : 

How many children Swarna have ??

Answer : 

Swarna and kanwaljeet have 3 sons. 

Question no 3 : 

What is Swaran Ghar ?

Answer : 

Swarna Ghar is the story of a house. The people living in Swarna Ghar ; Swarna and  kanwaljeet , take it as a Temple of love. But soon they face a lot of difficulties as their sons , whom they consider their everything, are against them . Kanwaljeet suddenly dies and Swarna is alone so she alone fights with her children. 

Question no 4 : 

Can we watch Swaran Ghar on-line? 

Answer : 

Yes , we can watch Swaran Ghar on-line, or any missed episode of Swaran Ghar on Voot app. 

Question no 5 : 

Who is the Main lead of Swaran Ghar ? 

Answer : 

The Male Main lead is Ronit Roy and the female main lead is Sangita Ghosh. 

Question no 6 : 

Swarna Ghar is telecasted on which channel ? 

Answer : 

Swarna Ghar is telecasted on colors TV.

Question no 7 : 

Who is the producer of Swaran Ghar drama serial ? 

Answer : 

Sargun Mehta and Ravi Dubey are the producers of Swaran Ghar drama serial.

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